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It's that time of year again....

Ladies and gents (and all those in between), it's the time of the year where I tell you I'ma make things out of yarn for you! Sign up now, and you might recieve them! By April! At the latest! Hopefully!

We all know how awful I am at sending things to people, but I'm going to try to be better this year. So if you want things made of yarn, let me know! It excites me to make them. If I've already made you something, who cares? If you want something ELSE, or a the same thing of a different color, let me know! This is a free for all, people! YARNY THINGS MUST GOOOO!!!

Under the cut are things I can make, and things I still owe to people!

Things I can make:
- Scarves (stripes, two colors together, checked, multi-colored yarn, and fringe!)
- Purses (from small to large, they've got flaps (possibly with buttons if you wish, and a strap...i wouldn't use them for carrying quite heavy things, though)
- Potholders! I am really, really good at potholders!

Normally I like to pick the colors for you, so let me know if there's any colors you HATE, or if you have like, a certain colored-coat, I can try to get something to go with it. I am flexible. If there's a pattern (striped/checked/two colors) you want, let me know. Ooh! Also let me know if you are a lot taller than I am (5'5") because that's how I measure how long to make them. Nobody likes a short scarf.

Things I still owe to people:

pipry23 - I still owe you a scarf. I know i can't send you stuff till you get to Vancouver, but you'll have some epic packaging once that happens!
wolfychan - I still owe you a purse with a long strap. Is this still good, or would you prefer something else?
vovat - I still owe you potholders. I'ma make a bunch.
citizencia - I'ma make you a pretty scarf. I already have an idea :)
turkeyanne - You're getting a scarf whether you like it or not, because I've not yet made you one!
slfcllednowhere - I believe I already made you a scarf and a purse, right? I can make you some potholders if you like. I could also make you another scarf if you like, as the scarf I sent you was back when I was still a novice, and now I've learned new tricks!

So yeah! Let me know if you want anything! New or old friends, I like making shit from yaaarrnnn!!! (For those of you who are my friends on facebook, y'all are gonna see this message again, so sorry in advance!)

So yeah. Lemme know if you want something. As for life updates, in bad news, The Rebel was all "LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS" right after all the other shit he said. I'm kinda miffed at him for the moment, simply because this was FOUR DAYS after my last entry. FOUR DAYS. Things don't change that drastically in four days...he should have just been honest without getting my hopes up. but whatever, I'm cool. As for the Princess, she's dating a professional yo-yo-ist who goes to my school. I've met him, and he's a really nice kid. It makes me feel shitty, but if I had to lose, at least I lose to a professional goddamn yo-yo-ist. The better man won on that one.

In better news: There's this other guy that I'm kinda digging right now. I don't know what to name him yet. He reminds me a lot of this kid Brucker that i went to high school with. Brucker was a hunter, a conservative republican, wry and sarcastic, and really fucking hot. We weren't completely compatible, but I was nuts about him and we got along really well. I don't know this new kid as much as I knew Brucker (not even close, really, brucker and i were pretty good friends), but I'm like, really oddly and compulsively attracted to him. I decided I'm going back to my high school (or was it middle school?) routine of trying, either succeeding or failing, and then MOVING THE FUCK ON. If The Rebel taught me anything, it was that you CAN'T FAWN OVER DUDES OR LADIES FOR-FUCKING-EVER. I've wasted a lot of time and it makes me want to hit things. I'm young, interesting, funny, and intelligent. If some people don't want that, fine. I'm not gonna be young forver and i'm tired of wasting my time with shit. Huzzah.


Sadly, I'm pretty sick right now, but hopefully tomorow will magically make me better because it's MC CHRIS, DID I MENTION THAT BECAUSE I'M GONNA HAVE HIS BABIES I LOVE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH AUUUGHGHGHGH!!!! *explodes*
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