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Story and Song Meme!

I decided to MAKE UP MY OWN MEME. Take that, internet. Well, I'm sure it's been done before, but I didn't see it anywhere recently and I just had the idea because of an interesting thing that happened to me today:

I was at work where this crazy group Cirque de Masque was performing. In the beginning of the show, this mime/clown thingy grabs people and makes them dance onstage with it while this infectious song plays. Today was the last day, my co-worker Steve sang along to the song at one point. "What is this song?" I asked him. "It's pretty damn catchy." He looked at me like I was a complete idiot. "This is Mika, don't you know Mika?" I explained that I had only heard of him before, but never actually heard him. Pathetically, I looked him up once because a bunch of people said Edgar looked like him. So I went home and downloaded the song for free. I enjoyed it so much, I actually purchased the whole album from iTunes! This is incredibly rare for me! But I got an iTunes GC for X-mas so I figured, what the hell? Might as well, right? I've already listened to the song (Love Today, incidentally) like, four times since I downloaded it about twenty minutes ago.

The entire point of this story is that I am always late to the bandwagon, and I should listen to my friends when they mention currenty music things. You guys are all way cooler than me, so I'm sure you're all listening to awesome music that I might stumble upon by myself in like, a year or two. I think we should speed up that process so I can stop being late to the carnival. SO I'VE MADE A MUSIC MEME. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS:
In the comments, recommend a song for me. It doesn't have to be current, but it has to be a song that you think I haven't heard before (even if I'm aware of the band) and would enjoy. More than one song is fine, but don't go nuts because here's the catch: You must upload the song somehow. It doesn't matter if it's sendspace, megaupload, or if you simply email it to me. I am lazy and I won't go find it on my own. In turn for your time and thoughfulness, I will do the same for you! Hooray for the sharing of excellent musics!

So there it is! Feel free to copy it your own LJ, but don't feel obligated. I just would love to have some new music. Even though I've got like, 8 REM albums I'm wading through at the moment (side note: I fucking LOVE me some REM. Michael Stipe is my queero.) I am kinda OCD about collecting and labeling music. I'm always uploading old CDs of my dad's or downloading billboard top 100s because I feel there are some songs I need to just have, incase I am in some situation where I want to play a really obscure hip hop song I don't even like that much (coughThongSongcough). Now that I'm rambling, I should probably go work on some homework or do something mildly productive.

Gotta blast!
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