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Short update

It has been entirely too long since I've posted an entry. I read other people's entries almost every day, but I'm too lazy to compose one for myself. After a certain amount of time, it feels like it's been too long, and then I'd have to tell everyone what I've done in the past few months, and that would take forever, and then I think "some other time..." and then I let more time pass, and more time, and more time. So yeah. Hope y'all didn't think I was dead or anything.

So basically, for right now at least, I'm gonna fill you in on what's happening right now: I'm done school for the summer. Thank God, that last semester kicked my ass, but I got all A minuses, so that's good. I got a summer internship at Turner Classic Movies, so I'm super, super excited about that. I actually start there tomorrow, so I'm super pumped about that. I'm staying with my brother and his girlfriend in Marietta, outside Atlanta. It's pretty chill. I'ma sleep on a sofa bed for three months, but it's cool. I get to hang out more with my brother and that's very fun. I'm almost all unpacked, so that's good. Chris and Becky are playing WOW, and watching Buffy. I'm not really interested in either thing, but the Buffy is distracting me because I'm trying to understand the storyline. I found a lesbian allegory (for Tara's demonage) and my brother yelled at me for looking "too deep" for things and being a "crusader." Buh.

Anyway, I'm not dead and I have an internship and my life is busy. There are a lot of things I should really go into detail about, but if you want to know, I guess, ask me? I'm always on AIM, and I have a twitter now, and whatever. I'm so apathetic right now. I think I might go to bed early, to get ready for my first big day of internship. Whoooooo internship.
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