Ren (obsessical) wrote,

11 weeks!

My journal hasn't been updated in 11 weeks, LJ tells me. That's just sad. Let me quickly sum up this summer:

Internship, internship, internship. Logging tapes, copying movies, logging more tapes, logging transcripts, feeling crappy, but learning. Living with Chris and Becky. HATING HATING HATING WOMEN (especially her). Missing my friends, NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION, feeling crappy, two months missing TJ, waiting for his emails, hurt when he won't come visit. Going stir crazy, McDonald's and DVDs and every season of Friends. Lots of twitter. Lots. Abandoning secret word of the day, witnessing so much crazy, SO MUCH CRAZY from this woman trying to pressure my brother into marriage, hundreds, thousands of cigarettes, thousand of tapes to log. Hanging with Hadley, my somewhat mentor, bursts of crocheting, Little Caesar's pizza, feeling like high school again, jeans and t-shirts, jeans and t-shirts, seeing Cartoon Network, god damn Atlanta is SO SO HOT. Yearning for Boston, yearning for my shitty apartment (that's MINE), being able to eat, not catering to a much worse version of my mother. Wanting to call my friends, to go DO something, hearing stories of all my PA friends getting together, even the Britt coming down from Ohio, to hang out. FORGETTING THE BRITT'S BIRTHDAY (unforgivable) and feeling like the shittiest friend. Knowing once I get out of this hot, hot hellhole, everything will be okay. Last semester. Last chance.

That's basically it. Ready to get out of here for a little bit. Mom and Dad said they'll take me to the zoo when I get home. I love the zoo. I have to get my wisdom teeth out, though, sadly, which is very depressing. They're putting me under and I'm writing my will just to make sure. I'll feel safer.
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