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AUUUGGHHH EDGAR TALKED TO MEEEE. And it was kinda about sex, which makes it even better! He's one of the flirtiest people I've ever met (and I have met him, so ha ha!) I knew being up at 2:45 in the morning was going to work out for me. I was really just up trying to watch the damn episode of the Simpsons that's got Macca in it. Couldn't stream it anywheres, so figured I'd wait to download. I am so far behind on my Edgar info, I didn't even realize he HAD a twitter until a few days ago! This is the second time Edgar has responded to me on the intarwebs. I know this is basically insignificant, as he's like KSmith in that he likes twitter-replying people, but it still gives me a warm, gooey feeling. Makes me want to reacquaint myself with the Peggster forum gals with whom I used to swoon over Edgar. Le sigh. I really only stopped going on Peggster everyday because my username stopped working. Then randomly, it started again, but by that time I was so far gone that I kinda didn't feel like wading through back entries. I kinda wanna print out this twitter convo and staple it to my face. Is that weird?

Speaking of weird, had a weirdo dream about vampires, probably because I've been catching up on True Blood. It involved my best friend being a vampire (now there's a blast from the past, anyone remember that film?) and sexy times. And biting. All in all, rather disturbing. Sex dreams about my best friend are rare (I've had two or three, I think?) but extra disturbing, because I don't have feelings for him. This is what I'm telling myself. For the good of the colony, and oppressed ants everywhere. I do often have dreams where he saves me from falling off things to my death. That's not weird, right?

This entry was only supposed to be that image and me squealing. I'm gonna look at it a million more times before I go to sleep. I'm leaving for Boston soon, and I'll give y'all a long update once I get settled back into my domain.
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