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An iTunes meme I stole from givethesignal

Number of Songs Total: 6161
Total Length of Songs: 15.1 days
Most recently played: Dr. Sexy - Joe Cornish (off the BBC 6 Music podcast he does with Adam Buxton)
Most recently added: Piracy Song - Adam Buxton (again, I <3 Adam and Jooooe)

Sort By Song Title
First Song:
A-Team Remix - Spaced Soundtrack (not sure who actually does it, sorry!)
Last Song: 99% - Soul Asylum

Sort by Artist
First Song:
Take on Me - A-ha (I think this is a lot of people's first song)
Last Song: All I Want - 702

Sort by Time
Shortest Song:
(Four Seconds of Noise) - Hot Hot Heat (0:04)
Longest Song: Hot Fuzz Suite - David Arnold

Sort by Album
First Song:
Come Together - The Beatles - Abbey Road (Same as Jeannie!)
Last Song: Dig for Fire - Pixies - (no album)

Top 10 most played songs
1. Untitled (This World is Big) - REM - Green
2. Gaijin Invasion - Adam and Joe - Adam and Joe Go Tokyo!
3. Lemonade - Wheatus - Suck Fony
4. Tenderness - General Public - 80s Movie Hits
5. Get Better - Mates of State - Re-Arrange Us
6. Grace Kelly - MIKA - Life in Cartoon Motion
7. Sweet Darlin' - She & Him - Volume One
8. Deck - Wheatus - Suck Fony
9. A Little Respect - Wheatus - Wheatus
10. Henrietta - The Fratellis - Costello Music
(I told you fuckers I like Wheatus a lot! They are awesome sauce.)

First 10 Songs That Come Up on Shuffle
1. Warts on Your Dick - DVDA - BASEketball Soundtrack
2. Relief Next to Me - Tegan and Sara - The Con
3. Daysleeper - REM - Up
4. Seeing Other People - Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister
5. You're Gonna Lose That Girl - The Beatles - Help
6. When Doves Cry - Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain
7. A Time for Emily - The Elected - Me First
8. Hey Mr. DJ - They Might Be Giants - Then: The Earlier Years
9. Land Down Under - Men at Work
10. Maine - John Linnell - State Songs
(God, that first one's a little embarrassing. Although I like The Beatles, Prince, TMBG, and REM coming up in my top 10. Quite fitting as my Top Ten favorite badds are, in order:

1. They Might Be Giants
2. Mates of State
3. Wheatus
4. REM
5. Paul McCartney (mostly solo, but I'm counting with the Beatles as well)
6. Rilo Kiley
7. Prince
8. The Cure
9. Just Jack
10. mc chris

Tenacious D and The Fratellis are very close, but no cigar. If I do ever get to see The Fratellis live, they might edge somebody out of the top ten. Although I do know their first album the best (same as Just Jack) but it's so fucking good that I consider them one of my favorites (same as Just Jack). They'd definitely be 11.

And watching Hot Fuzz remiinds me that it's probably one of my favorite soundtrack albums. Hot Fuzz and BASEketball. Hot Fuzz turned me onto The Fratellis, and BASEketball turned me onto My Life for the Thrill Kill Kult. I really do dig talking about music, but I hardly do. I've always wanted to detail my favorite albums, but I'm not sure whether or not that's boring. Le shrug. 'Tis my journal, after all. Fuckerrrrs.

Yeahhh memes. I'm gonna go schleepy times now because I'm slightly under the weather. Stupid allergies. More later!
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