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Sweet Communist Daughter

I am a writer, writer of fictions

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I'm Ren. Self-proclaimed geek, writer, and general cool kid.
I am utterly obsessive. I sometimes try to play instruments but I mostly play video games.
I am ridiculously competitive about trivia games, and they are by far my favorite games to play.
I love talking to people and trying to make them laugh.
I love the world and if I have to sue for custody, I will sue for custody.

I hate awkward silences, foot fetishes, snow, falling down, lady hormones, carrots,
most animals (especially pets), angry old people, unshakable sadness, the New York Yankees, and people who think Prince is lame.

I am petrified of dogs, puppies, steep and/or fast-moving escalators,
steps without backs, angry hobos, and being smited by Jesus.

When I am on my deathbed, I will be making jokes about cock and calling you "dude".
Just as I lived.


sychronized dancing is tmbg love
Created by rabidchild1

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Linnell Rocks Too Hard For You

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accordions are love
(made by piratemiisha)

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