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Man, I have so many projects for class and stuff that it's not even funny. I really do not have the time to be making this entry, but it will be brief and informative.

I had a "discussion" with the Rebel* today. I was talking ABOUT him to my friend Matty, then literally three seconds later I ran *into* him. (Oh God...I hope he wasn't close enough to hear us!) Anyway, I felt like it was a divine intervention for me to grow some balls and ask what the fuck is up with us. So I did. Basically, these are the main points made in the discussion:
- I like him a lot, and i think there's something between us
- He feels *something* when he's around me, but he's not sure what it means yet
- He thinks we should spend more time together (I agreed wholeheartedly)
- I don't care about The Rule (loooong story) affecting me, I care about it affecting him. He cares about it affecting me because he "cares about [me] more than a lot of things".
- He stuck up for me to a third party that was upsetting me. He said if "someone hurt [me, he'd] feel the need for vengence."
- He said he wanted me to be happy no matter what, and basically didn't want me to wait for him if someone else were to declare their undying love for me (unnlliiiiiikkely, amirite?)
- We discussed him coming over and watching Iron Man with me (which he promised to do before when I was bummed about not getting into LA)
- We agreed to ACTUALLY call each other. Or at least text each other more often. We have tentative plans to get together next week.

After the discussion, we had a super long hug and then did the end-of-hug-sorta-hold-hands-for-a-second thing. I am a dork, but I was all giggly when I walked home.

All in all, a fairly good night, for what started off as a not-so-hot day. I have a shit ton of work to do before 10am tomorrow morning, so I better get started on it.

Ooh, on a side note: Princess and I were discussing TV production, and she offered to let me shadow her in the TV studio on Friday so I could learn more about how a studio runs without pressure on me directly. ...So there's that. I also (randomly!) got the number of a boy who plays the accordion on the corner of my block a week...two weeks ago? Not sure. I should call him, because I would at least like to hang out and talk about accordiony things. Plus I bet he thinks I won't call him (i only have his number, he doesn't have mine) and I want to surprise people.

Oh yeah....YAY Obama, but FUCK PROP 8 Y'ALL.

* I will totally admit I stole cute-nicknames-for-crushes from my beloved Molly. It's useful and non-incriminating! ...Even though I've mentioned the Rebel by name before. He recently got the Fbook and I don't want him to somehow figure out this is me or something. I don't know. Safety first, right?
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