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So many things to discuss!

So yes, I saw TMBG on New Year's Eve, and I'll post a link to my Facebook when I put those pictures up. Matt and Trey are coming to my school LATER THIS MONTH and I'ma make sweet, sweet love to them with my eyeballs. I shouldn't be allowed to text people when I'm drunk. Things might be looking up for Ren in the boy department (for once), but let's not be too hasty. I'm going to Florida on Thursday, and I'm gonna ride the Spider-man ride in Universal so many goddamn times. My brother's girlfriend is driving me crazy. I have no idea whether or not I'm graduating early or not.

But that's just in the recent past/future. A whole new year is started, and I'm gonna do the obligitory recap/resolution post. Whatever that's getting me to post somewhat substantially, right? But I'ma cut this bitch for your viewing pleasure.

God, 2008. It certainly....well it was a year, wasn't it. I have to say, to recap my year you really only have to scroll back a page on my LJ, which is pretty sad. I'm big into documenting my life, and I've neglected heartily this year, which is something I want to make up for next year. But so yeah.

I started off last year vomitting from food poisoning, hooray! I think that kinda sums up a lot of 2008. I got Hot Fuzz for Christmas and started my epic Edgar Wright obsession. I had thought the Peggster was cute for awhile, but the special features of Hot Fuzz cemented Edgar's place in mah heeerrrt. The world of the Holy Trio introduced me to their many friends and side projects (Spaced, Jess Hynes, Dylan Moran, Black Books, Adam and Joe and their amazing radio show) and their celebrity playlist/Edgar's blog introduced me to some amazing music (The Fratellis, Just Jack, Ash, Eagles of Death Metal, my favorite Public Enemy song[Harder Than You Think], and lots of various awesome Brit music). I'm still in mad hearts with the amazing Trio of Edgar, Simon, and Nick, and I CANNOT WAIT for the next Cornetto movie!

I was still living on campus with Maria (before I wanted to strangle her) and Tara and Tracy (who I wanted to strangle then). I was watching a lot of South Park, bumming around with Maria and/or Matty, and struggling in my production classes, feeling awkward all the way. Hooray! I was also taking the worst Magazine writing class ever, which sucked donkey balls. I had crushes on a bunch of people that didn't like me back, but what else is new? Last semester sorta blew, with the exception of Girlies being pretty damn fun. I love those ladies. See, my lack of LJing is really not helping me remember a lot of what happened last semester. Although that sorta feels like "last year" to me, but whatever.

The most important thing about the past year was that my brother decided to move to Hotlanter with his girlfriend Becky. Even though I was in Boston at the time, i was devastated. I hate having him so far away, but I got to see him this Christmas, and will see him in Florida. I uh, I know this is mean but I don't mind having Becky away. She's driving me nuts because I am slowly turning into my mother. I think I need to get back to school before we like, meld into one person. But ANYWAY RECAPPING. I went down to help him move in (and almost broke my arm when he slammed it between a railing and an entertainment center) and chill in Hotlanter for awhile. He came back up with me and we went to COMICON which was awesome because I met Joe Quesada and geeked out, just me and my brother. Then he went back down and I didn't see him for the rest of the summer (up until this December, actually).

I spent the summer squeeing over RDJ (seriously, IRON MAN? DID YOU SEE IT? REALLY? IT'S AMAZING), working at Friendly's (I am the worst waitress on the planet), and hanging out with Joseph (who became my better, more awesome replacement brother). I played a lot of Perk Trivia with Joe, and we went to see a shit ton of movies because we were bored. We also spent a ton of time at the diner, which was BEFORE the PA smoking ban (seriously, fuck that noise). I'm trying to block Friendly's out of my mind, really, because I am the worst waitress ever. I forget things, spill thing on people, and made some people walk out because they wouldn't eat/pay for salads that I had made. I also got yelled at a lot and nobody liked me (they used to talk in front of me about the sweet parties they were having for everyone else on staff). I used to spend my days chanting "i go to college" over and over under my breath. I was pretty good at scooping ice cream, though. It did take awhile before I could eat ice cream again, but not bad. And um, I guess there's not much to say about RDJ. Watched a lot of his movies that I remembered from being a kid (BACK TO SCHOOL <3).

I also got to see THE CURE and REM in concert, which was amazing. Sadly, I have no pictures from these events (for REM i was an idiot and lost them in a computer-related incident, and i do have a few videos, and in the Cure, i was afraid madison square garden would take away my digital camera) but they were fucking AMAZING. I saw REM in Connecticut with Joe, Aaron, and the Britt, and we spent a lot of the weekend drunk. We played trivia at Dave and Busters and won a SHIT TON of tickets. I miss when the four of us would hang out all the time :( The Britt certainly does know how to complicate my guy friends, even though I love her.

Then Tara's boyfriend John died, and I didn't realize how short our lives could be, how sad we could become, and how your true friends can break out of the woodwork and support you when you need it.

Later, I would meet EDGAR WRIGHT, SIMON PEGG, JESS HYNES, AND MATT STONE in one powerhouse weekend spent with Matty and Tweedy, two of my good friends from school. I got a hug from Edgar Wright, and went outside to cry like the dorky little girl I am. It was an amazing, amazing weekend. Sadly, summer would end and I moved into my first apartment with Maria outside Boston. Luckily, Caitlin and Jackie lived around the corner, as I became even closer with them, and spend most of my free time at their house.

I went to Fenway Park for the first time. I learned about apartment living. I was uncomfortable in most, if not all, of my classes, and learned next-to-nothing about television production. I pulled more all-nighters than I ever have before. I got a TATTOO in memory of John, which depicted my love of Star Wars for all to see on my calf. I had sex for the first time, three years later than I predicted as a young girl. I still haven't had a meaningful relationship. I TURNED TWENTY ONE and drank a SHIT TON OF ALCOHOL since then. I finally stopped giving a shit about Craig (oops, I mean the Rebel) and I don't have to worry about pining over that dipshit. I started liking my job less and less. THE PHILLIES WON THE WORLD SERIES. Girlies started to become a hassle, and I hate a certain member, even though I grew much closer to Bridget and Kestrel. I didn't get into the LA program, and my plans for the rest of college have been up in the air ever since. I saw mc chris live, in one of his last concerts for a long time.

I spent a good Christmas with my family, and that about brings us up to speed.

All in all, the year's been quite a little rollercoaster, especially with the insane summer I had. I had three big milestones in the course of a few weeks (tattoo, sex, twenty-one) and spent a lot of 2008 trying to figure out what the fuck I want to do with myself and who my friends really are. I think I've changed a lot last year, and I'd like to change even more this year, my (possibly) last year of college. Not to be unrecognizable, of course, but to make myself better, and my life easier. Which brings me to the next section of this epic entry:

I'm really going to try to keep these. Guys, please help me get on my ass if you see me breaking any of these.

- EAT LESS. I eat waaayyy too much, and I'm getting pretty fat. It's not even that what I eat is that bad for me, but like, it's just too much fucking food. It's gotten even worse since I've been home. But once I get back to school, it's like, damn...stop eating whole pizzas by yourself, bitch.
- WALK MORE. Excerise. I know it's cold, but I've gotta get up off my lazy ass and actually do things. It will help combat all the eating. I'm gonna bust out my DDR pad too. I used to have a lot of fun doing that in 9th grade.
- STOP DRESSING LIKE A THIRTEEN YEAR-OLD BOY. This one's iffy. I'm not gonna get rid of my current wardrobe, I just gotta find better ways to rock a pop-culturey t-shirt. Because "with ill-fitting jeans" hasn't been working so far. Try tossing a couple sweaters in there, maybe. I've been trying to build my wardrobe to be a bit fancier, but I think it's just getting (pardon my french) a lot dykier. If that's who I am, then I guess that's who I am.
- WRITE MORE. I haven't written anything recreationally in a long time. I think it's because I only had a TV writing class this year, and I spent a lot of that writing bullshit that i didn't want to write, and it sorta drained me creatively. When I had creative writing classes, it inspired me to write outside things more as well. I gotta start writing more for Girlies, too. I gotta write more outside things. It couldn't hurt to read more outside things either. I've been meaning to get to The Man in the Iron Mask for awhile.
- BE MORE ORGANIZED. I gotta stop leaving shit to the last minute and forgetting about things until it's too late. I've been late to work because I wrote down the wrong time more than once this year, which is very unlike me. I've got my shit all over the place, and I'm constantly forgetting to do things, or spending too much time NOT doing the things I know I'm supposed to do, so then I rush 'em and they turn out shitty. I gotta get into a better schedule with things like paying bills, buying groceries, doing laundry, cleaning, even fun shit like writing or drawing.
- BE LESS LAZY. That sorta goes hand in hand with the above. I forget due dates and don't apply for/attend certain programs/events at school that really could benefit me. I really think I didn't get into LA because I almost forgot to apply the second time (long story). I keep screwing myself over and not doing things because I'm scared. I guess I think that if I just don't try, then I won't truly be rejected and can still think I'm good enough? It sucks and I'm so TIRED of it. I'm becoming such a computer potato, and I'm not doing productive things like writing or making/listening to music or even writing fucking LJ entries. When I'm too lazy to even WRITE LJ ENTRIES that's when my life is getting really ridiculous. I AM ALMOST OUT IN THE REAL WORLD. I have to step the fuck up. I gotta start taking vitamins EVERY DAY and washing my face EVERY NIGHT. I should wear makeup more often, and put effort into looking nice instead of rolling into frumpy clothes. I want to do more things I keep wanting to do, like put a stupid video on youtube, and go to clubbing with some lady friends, and submit things I write to be published places, even if I don't think they're that good. I need to take more chances and work harder on honing the skills I think I have. there might be some talent in there somewhere, and I think I can coax it out if I try hard enough. I just, god, I need to live and not just keep fucking sucking at everything all the goddamn time. I hate being so lazy, and I'm getting as bad as my brother even though I hate the way he is sometimes. I need to stop being such a hypocrite and start doing what I want, and doing what's best for me instead of ignoring what's best for me and doing what's easiest. My life is not going to be easy from now on, and I better just fucking deal with it.

Damn, that last one ran away from me for a little bit. Sometimes I just make myself so angry, though, for being such a lazy little shit. Plus I NEED TO WRITE IN LJ MORE. I love doing it, and I love being able to go back and read entries about I was like omg, so in love with so-and-so, and how IMPORTANT it was to me, and continue to abuse parenthesis (until they just become absolutely meaningless). I just wanna be a better person, you know, starting with the little things to make myself happier, so i have to spend less money on the pizza and alcohol I turn to in order to cheer myself up most of the time.

And I resolve to be BETTER FRIENDS to you guys. I love you guys! I am really bad with letters and emails and stuff because I'm so lazy (and hopefully that's gonna change!) but I do appreciate all of your friendships. And I hope you guys don't think that I'm not interested or still caring about you, because I'm sure I am, even though that's probably more of a case-by-case basis thing. But you know, even though y'all may not get birthday/christmas presents until months later (i'm looking at you, turkeyanne), it's not because I don't heart you.

So that's my epic 2009 entry! Let they be as frequent and maybe less long in the year to come! HUZZAH!
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Are you still in Boston in school? I think another LJ friend I've had for like 5 years now lives there and was also in that girly troop years ago when she went to college. It's weeeiiirrrdd!!!

Seriously, make love with your eyeballs. Do it until your retinas bleed.
Nah, I don't go back until the 17th. I'm actually going to Florida tomorrow, and then I'm in PA for a few days until bouncing back on ta Boston. But that's crazy about your friend! Girlies breeds excellent ladies.

I'ma hurt my eyes so hard. I was also thinking about making a sign, or throwing paper airplanes with my phone number. You know, something batshit crazy.
I vote for a big "I ♥ STONKER!!!" sign.
Sounds like you have the world by the short hairs!